Amman – The Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies and the Higher Council for Science and Technology organized a function launching the book entitled “El Hassan Bin Talal: The Story of an Arab Prince” authored by Dr. Muslih Najjar. The event took place under the patronage of HRH Princess Rahma Bint El Hassan. 

Her Highness said in a speech, “El Hassan Bin Talal is my father, but he is equally the father of millions of Jordanians, for he taught us that work and knowledge are two sides of a single coin, and that the homeland flourishes with love.”

She added that Jordan “is a fortunate country for having men whom God loves, and we are likewise fortunate for living in the shadow of this secure and peaceful homeland, under the cloak of His Majesty King Abdullah the Second. I also refer to the era of my uncle Al-Hussein Bin Talal- God rest his soul, where I witnessed the building of this country with the sweat of the leadership and that of Jordanian men and women- the mothers of men.”

Dr. Najjar said that HRH Prince El Hassan is pioneering in advocating noble thoughts, futuristic, with a disposition for innovation and invention, and capable of converting ideas to projects on the ground, while at the same time being a paragon of simplicity and modesty- and is also a truly modern prince.

The former Prime Minister Taher Masri reminisced about his experiences with Prince El Hassan, alluding to his rich and variegated thought rooted in a deep knowledge of issues and ideas, saying that “he thinks and proceeds to implement his ideas which transcend the domestic terrain and are global in dimension.” Dr. Bassam Saket on his part said “In my view El Hassan was not typical. He came to the world and struggled in a particularly challenging environment, locally and regionally, etched in a rich Prophetic and Hashemite heritage.”

Dr. Mundher Haddadin said that the book surpassed all that I have read in the past, as though Dr. Najjar is unequalled in his narration of events in sound Arabic, in his precise narration from others, and in his sound analysis of the sayings and actions ascribed to Prince El Hassan. 

The former Secretary General of the Arab Thought Forum Dr. Ali UmLeil said that “when Prince El Hassan founded the Arab Thought Forum, ideological thought had a hegemony at the time over Arab intellectuals and some of the state policies. The thought of the Prince was antithetical to such thought, and even represented the thought of the future. 

Dr. Mohammad Abu Hammour, Secretary General of the Arab Thought Forum chaired the event, where he said that “the fusion between Jordan in its national, Arab, Islamic and global dimensions, and the persona of a man who succeeded in preserving for thought, research and mature planning a prominent place amid the turbulent sea waves of the political circumstances, is a lesson that future generations should find a source of inspiration and edification.”

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