Peace and Arts

Peace and nonviolence could be taught, practiced and carried on to others as part of a culture that should be maintained and spread within the Jordanian society, especially among the youth. “Peace and Arts” is a program that aims to promote peace, social stability and cultural diversity in Jordan through different projects. Together with different national and international partners, RIIFS will organize and participate in various activities and events that would help achieve the objectives set for this program.


The program aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Introduce participants to the concept of peace.
  • Draw attention to the positive experiences of dialogue and peace in Jordan and the world.
  • Draw attention to the importance of peacebuilding.
  • Promote solving problems using non-violence
  • Introduce participants to the importance of dialogue.
  • Enhance awareness of the culture of peace and nonviolence.
  • Introduce the different forms of art as a method for dialogue and interaction with others.
  • Promote creativity and innovation through the arts.
  • Promote peace, social stability and cultural diversity in Jordan.


Through different projects, RIIFS seeks to implement diverse activities which involve the youth to promote peace and dialogue through artistic creativity, while respecting freedom of expression. RIIFS will collaborate with different local artists and experts to build up regional and international cultural, social and academic collaboration.

With its different partners, RIIFS will promote a culture of peace through organizing cultural and artistic events of national and regional scope. Such projects would focus primarily on encouraging the different forms of art as important tools of expression and dialogue that, despite their value to the Jordanian community, are not well perceived or presented. The activities would also ensure contributing to gender equality, by supporting the active participation of young Jordanian women. Other groups, such as refugees, will also be included in these projects.


RIIFS has started collaborating with the following local and international institutions on this program:

  • The University of Jordan
  • Caritas Jordan
  • The University of Granada-Spain
  • Instituto Cervantes in Amman


  • “Artists in Residence: Exploration of Arts, Humanity and Dialogue”

    This project aimed to spread a culture of peace, dialogue and non-violence through artistic activities by encouraging young artists

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  • Art and Citizenship Workshop

    Upon the recommendation of the International Conference “Active Citizenship: Towards Inclusive and Pluralistic Societies,” held in August 2021 at Amman, RIIFS in cooperation with Dar Al Kalima university

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  • Academic Stay “Peace and Arts”

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Peace and Arts
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