Academic Stay “Peace and Arts”

The School of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan in collaboration with RIIFS, the University of Granada and the Euro-Arab Foundation of Higher Studies organized an academic stay at the city of Granada for students, artists and professors from all four institutions. This collaboration was part of the activities of both the “Peace and the Arts” program as well as of the “Arab-Iberian-American Divan for Thought and Cultural Exchange”.


RIIFS: Dr. Renee Hattar

The University of Jordan: Dr. Ayman Tayseer, Mrs. Linda Hijazi and Mr. Ghassan Abu Laban. Twelve students from the School of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan.

The University of Granada: Dr. Beatriz Molina Rueda, Dr. Pedro San Ginés, Dr. Miguel Ángel Espinosa Villegas and Dr. Antonio José Mezcua López.


International Seminar “Peace and Dialogue through the Arts”

Interfaith concert

Academic Stay “Peace and Arts”
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