• Visiting Scholar Programme

    The Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies welcomes visits by scholars from different academic and research backgrounds for periods of one month to an academic year. 

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  • Peace and Arts

    Peace and nonviolence could be taught, practiced and carried on to others as part of a culture that should be maintained and spread within the Jordanian society, especially among the youth. “Peace and Arts” is a program that aims to promote peace, social stability and cultural diversity in Jordan through different projects. Together with different…

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  • Internships Programme

    The Internship program does not offer financial remuneration and is aimed at students and researchers of different nationalities interested in religious and interreligious studies. RIIFS offers three interdisciplinary programs related to the different lines of its research.

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  • Arab-Iberian-American Divan

    The Divan is a platform dedicated to promoting dialogue between the Arab and the Ibero-American world and enhancing collaboration at the academic, social and cultural level.

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  • Anna Lindh Foundation- Jordanian Network

    El objetivo es promover la aceptación del pluralismo y la diversidad cultural, el respeto mutuo entre las sociedades, religiones y creencias, y el reconocimiento de la ley y las libertades fundamentales en la región euro mediterránea.

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