RIIFS and the Embassy of Mexico in Amman organised a seminar entitled “Immigration  to  Mexico”  within  the framework of the activities of the Arab Iberian American Divan for Thought and Cultural Exchange programme.

A delegation from the College of Mexico, including researchers Dr. Alfonso Medina, Dr. Ana Covarrubias and Dr. Luis Pedroza, participated in the seminar.

Dr. Amer Al-Hafi,  mentioned  that  human  migrations  were  and  still  contribute  to  building  human  civilization,  and that religious  texts  in  Islam  and  Christianity  indicate  that  all  messengers  migrated  and  experienced  living  in different societies.

In turn, Dr. Pedroza presented,  in  a  paper,  a  discussion  of  the  current  immigration  policies  in  Mexico,  and  the current commonalities between Mexico and  countries  in  similar  strategic  geographical  locations  in  North  Africa and the Middle East, calling for more comparative research  on  this  topic,  and  for  increasing  cooperation  on  the research level  between  Mexican  and  Jordanian  experts.  On  migrations,  what  allows  the  societies  of  the  two countries to look to the future in a more hopeful way.

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