The Legacy of the Andalusian Poets

Emilio García Annual Conference

Within the framework of the Emilio García Gómez Annual Conference that is annually organized by the the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies, Embassy of Spain in Jordan, and the Instituto Cervantes in Amman, Spanish researcher and professor Dr. Ana López Navajas gave a lecture on women poets from Al-Andalus whose creations constitute one of the most important literary legacies of a society for which knowledge and art were core aspects.

This talk allowed people to get closer to that interesting poetic universe that constitutes a brilliant encounter between the Hispanic and Arabic cultures that we have to recover.

Ana López Navajas is a doctor from the University of Valencia, researcher, and professor. She currently coordinates the European project Women’s Legacy: Our Cultural Heritage for Equity, leaded by the Conselleria de Educació, Cultura i Esports – Generalitat valenciana. Her work The presence of women in the Compulsory Secondary Education contents highlighted the exclusion of women in the transmission of cultural and scientific knowledge and the implications of this absence in the educational system and the transmission of inequalities.

The Legacy of the Andalusian Poets
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