Towards Rationalization of Knowledge

As part of the activities of the Royal Institute for Religious Studies, which are concerned with academic exchange with universities and research institutions, the Institute welcomes Professor Pierre Lory from École pratique des hautes études, France, in a stay that includes several visits and dialogue sessions organized by the Institute in cooperation with the French Embassy in Amman.

The Institute held a lecture entitled “Towards Rationalization of Knowledge,” delivered by Professor Lory, in which he discussed the topic of paradoxes in Sufi literature. He presented a number of topics and texts as examples, analyzing the structure and role of paradox in Sufi discourse during the first four centuries of the Hijra.

A number of experts and interested parties, especially researchers in philosophy and Islamic studies from various Jordanian universities, in addition to researchers at the Royal Institute, participated in the lecture, which was moderated by Professor Dr. Amer Al-Hafi, Academic Advisor at the Royal Institute.

Professor Lory also visited the College of Sharia at Al al-Bayt University and met with the dean and professors of the college and a number of graduate

Towards Rationalization of Knowledge
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