Cooperation Agreement Between RIIFS and Al-Azhar

Al-Azhar AL-Sharif witnessed on Monday 21 December 2015 the signing of a cooperation agreement in the scientific, cultural and logistical fields between the “Al Azhar Observatory for Foreign Languages” and RIIFS.

The Agreement stipulates cooperation between the two parties on endeavoring to lay down a unified strategy for rectifying distortions and creating awareness among youth of the dangers of extremist thought, and to face the issues which Islam encounters and responding to the attempts to distort its tolerant teachings.

Dr. Majeda Omar, Director of RIIFS, lauded the partnership between Al-Azhar and the Institute, whilst emphasizing that the Institute aims through this Agreement to promote dialogue and peaceful coexistence between the nations and the convergence of various civilizations to lay down societal peace in all parts of the world. 

Dr. Omar said “we are in need of an open intellectual discourse that is capable of absorbing the various intellectual currents, and deriving creative thought that merges between them through an enlightened dialectic that interacts with religious thought, deconstructionist thought and empirical scientific thought to an equal extent.”

Dr. Usama Nabil the general supervisor at the Azhar Observatory emphasized that “the signing of the Agreement comes as a crowning of discussions and continual communication since several months ago through international conferences, through which it became evident the extent of the convergence of the goals of the two institutions even insofar as some of the mechanisms, which necessitated activating the partnership between the two sides through this protocol, such with a view to contributing to enriching the spirit of communication between nations and entrenching human values. 

Cooperation Agreement Between RIIFS and Al-Azhar
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