Prince Hassan receives ‘Peacemakers’ Award

AMMAN — HRH Prince Hassan, president of the Arab Thought Forum, on Thursday received the “Peacemakers” Award, which is granted by the Hani Fahas Academy for Dialogue and Peace, in appreciation of Prince Hassan’s role in developing a culture of dialogue, pluralism and peacemaking.

The prince, during the ceremony, highlighted the importance of enhancing dialogue among followers of various civilisations, cultures and peoples based on respecting joint values, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 

He noted that recognising the essential human values and common morals of societies is the driving force for joint action for the good of all.

Speaking of peace, peace building and overcoming challenges, Prince Hassan said that respecting joint values requires establishing networks of knowledge, focusing on governance, rearranging priorities and focusing on policy development for the sake of humanity. 

The prince also called for including a subject in the national curricula with the aim to realise a better understanding of human issues and rights and reach a better understanding among peoples.

He stressed that the ability to administer human affairs wisely requires “cognitive and educational change” to empower the next generation.

Mustafa Hani Fahs, head of the academy, said that the academy and its partners agreed to grant the award to Prince Hassan for his true human, cognitive and enlightening role in openness, dialogue, peacemaking and innovation.

Iraqi Culture Minister and Head of the UNESCO Chair at the University of Kufa Hassan Nathem described the ceremony as an occasion to develop action and effective institutions in the field of dialogue and pluralism.

Prince Hassan receives ‘Peacemakers’ Award
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