Empowered Teachers Create Resilient Youth and Peaceful Host Communities (ET) 2020-2021

Through the ET project, the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies, in partnership with Danmission and University College Copenhagen aimed at preventing violent extremism in Jordan by improving the well-being of young people, including refugees, by empowering them to spread a culture of peace as active stakeholders and citizens in their communities via the educational sector in Jordan.

Project Objectives:

  • Empowering teachers and trainers to play an active role in creating resilient youth and peaceful host communities.
  • Enabling youth for adulthood in a challenging context and unstable region, where youth as citizens and co-citizens must navigate in the difficult and vulnerable transition phase going from school- to work life.

Project Activities:

  • Selecting and partnering with four local Jordanian CBOs involved in refugee work within the educational section.
  • Selecting a group of minimum 60 Jordanian and Syrian teachers and/or trainers – men and women – teaching in host communities’ schools and/CBOs/private classrooms.
  • Developing a training manual, by forming a Scientific Committee than includes experts from Jordan and Denmark, on the concepts of Citizenship, Human Rights, Difference, Diversity, Pluralism, Dialogue, Interconnections and Communication, with an emphasis on social emotional learning.
  • Delivering training workshops for the project’s target group with the aim of raising their capacities and awareness and equipping them with knowledge and tools deemed vital to their role as teachers and trainers.
  • Developing a manual/guide for training and preparing teachers and trainers for the diapraxis virtual exchange element between teachers in Jordan and Denmark who all work in host communities.
  • Conducting dialogue sessions between Jordanian and Danish teachers and trainers to discuss the concepts of the developed manual and share experiences.
Empowered Teachers Create Resilient Youth and Peaceful Host Communities (ET) 2020-2021
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