Tourathna: Our Shared Heritage 2018-2020

Through the Tourathna: Our Shared Heritage project, the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies, in partnership with Search for Common Ground, and in collaboration with community based organizations aimed at motivating youth to understand the mutual national religious and cultural heritage and enabling local communities to preserve and promote common national heritage sites at the local and international levels within the project’s six targeted sites: Pella, Tal Mar Elias, Ayla Church, Humeima, Prophet Shoaib’s Shrine and Hisban.

Project Objectives:

  • Enabling youth from multiple religious backgrounds to preserve and promote mutual national heritage sites at the local and international levels.
  • Promoting cooperation between Jordanians who represent diverse religions and cultures on the importance of the mutual national heritage.

Project Activities:

  • Site mapping of Jordanian governments and working CBOs in order to select and highlight a number of national heritage sites.
  • Developing the Tourathna Training Manual as a tool to promote mutual understanding of and respect between members of the Jordanian society.
  • Delivering training workshops to partner CBOs in order to build their capacities using Tourathna Training Manual, as well as delivering financial training to enable CBOs to well-manage projects and initiatives.
  • Delivering workshops aiming at preserving and promoting national heritage sites.
  • Recruiting volunteers of youth influential storytellers to narrate stories about national heritage sites.
  • Conducting trips for students to present them to Jordan’s national heritage sites in order to explain their importance and historical, religious and cultural significance.
  • Implementing local initiatives in cooperation with partner CBOs to preserve and promote Jordan’s heritage sites.
  • Tourathna online campaign that aimed at raising awareness on the importance of national heritage sites.

Tourathna: Our Shared Heritage 2018-2020
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