AMMAN — By Rula Samain (The Jordan Times)

Peacemaking should be at the heart of the mindset working to counter the spread of violence in the Middle East and the world, participants said at a conference that concluded on Thursday.

Unless peace becomes a mindset and the cornerstone of all efforts, then the pursuit of peacebuilding will be empty words and actions, Senator Sawsan Majali said at the conference, organised by the Royal Institute for Inter-faith Studies and the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).

“Peacebuilding’s aim is to resolve and transform central aspects of conflict through diplomacy, civil society-led peace processes and informal dialogue and mediation,” Majali said.

Because of the wars Jordan fought, and the waves of refugees the country has hosted, the senator said that this has entitled the Kingdom to take on the role of a peacebuilder.

“Peace is what Jordanians practise and live every day,” said Majali.

She told The Jordan Times on the sideline of the conference that society’s different sectors should build on Jordan’s experience to create a culture of peacebuilding, put it into practice, and start helping those in need.

“We in Jordan are very lucky to have stability; we have to make sure to maintain it and help our neighbouring countries,”
she added.

Majali noted that stability is sustained only through good governance, by ensuring that people know and respect the law and that the law is applied equally to all.

MCC Representative in Jordan, Iraq and Iran Josh McCormick said peace building starts within societies themselves by building and strengthening relations among their members, and among communities who seek peacebuilding.